Summer Update

Hello, and welcome back! I say this pretty much every time I post, but it is true: I need to update more often. Once again, this las semester was pretty busy, but it was fun and I got a lot done. My classes were relatively easy and I was finishing my Interactive Qualifying Project both […]

Fall Semester

Update on the Fall 2010 Semester and look forward into what I am doing this year.

Web Design

So recently, I have been working on some other design projects including building a website for my parents. They are trying to move away from the property manager they use to rent their Condo they have in Granby, Colorado, and asked me to build them a marketing site for it. I decided that I would […]

Recent Developments

For this summer, instead of spending it working at summer camp and thoroughly enjoying my summer shooting archery and hanging out with awesome people, I am working for the Helpdesk at WPI and taking classes. Don’t get me wrong, working at the Helpdesk is a sweet gig, and I am enjoying it very much, but […]

Site Redesign

A brief description of how I redesigned my site as well as an announcement that I redesigned my site.

3D Animation Final

I have posted my final animation on YouTube, and have an embedded below and a version on my 3d animation page here. Leave any comments you may have on the YouTube page, and thanks for viewing!

Fractal Programs

New fractal applications on the .NET 4 framework.

3D Animation

3D animation class is awesome, but time consuming. Autodesk Maya is buggy, but has some sweet features, and I may just become a 3D animator someday.

New England Weather

Ok, so I am from Colorado where we get some weird-ass weather. It regularly snows in June in the mountains, and I have personally seen every type of precipitation in the same day. I have been in days where it has gone from 70 degrees and sunny to snowing in twenty minutes. So what the […]

The Internets!

Why are today’s youth so obsessed with technology and the Internet? I think that the culture in which we grew up formed us to be more spastic and random, and able to handle the internet better.