Xbox Controller as User Interface – Allows a user to use the Xbox 360 controller for basic user input into Windows

C#.NET 4.0 – Built on the XNA Framework 3.0

XCUI on Codeplex

This is a program I was thinking of after finishing a game on my PC. I was sitting there holding my controller (the Wireless Xbox 360 Controller for Windows) and thinking it would be great to be able to use it as a mouse and keyboard. A few days later, and after a little research into the XNA framework I built a quick program which would let me use my controller as a basic mouse. I left the project alone for several months, then picked it up again with a much bolder plan. In my first implementation, all of the controls were hard coded, and you had to change and recompile the program to change which button did what. I decided to make a fully generalized application which would let you set up multiple schemes and switch between them at runtime. The current iteration builds in a lot of those features, and the development page over at Codeplex has much more detail than I will provide here.

Currently, each button can only be assigned to one key press, but multiple keystrokes and macros are in development for future release. I am also working on adding sensitivity to the analog movement so that precision can be maintained in cursor control. If you are currently using this, please leave me feedback on the Codeplex page.