Fractal Downloads

Big Mandelbrot – 28,377×18,918

When I say big, I mean big. This image is the full-size version of the one in the Zoomify window on the Fractals page. It will not open in the Windows Vista Picture viewer, nor in any browser I have tried so make sure to use right-click and Save target as. It will open in Windows 7 photo viewer and Photoshop.

Giant Mandelbrot

Giant Julia Set Compilation – 28,294×18,894

Giant compiled image of Julia sets. Each is placed in the image based on the coordinates on the real-complex plane used to generate it. As with the giant Mandelbrot, not a whole lot will open it, so if you want it make sure you use right-click, Save target as.

Red Image
Dark Image

Small Julia Sets

The series of Julia Sets rendered on the domain ((-2, 1), (-1, 1)) at steps of 0.01. Contains 60,501 images.

Zip archive Julia Sets

1200×1200 Julia Sets (Half plane)

These are the 1200×1200 equivalents of the above zip archive. There are just over half as many (30,401) since half the set is merely reflections. These cover the range from ((-2, 1), (-1, 0)) in steps of 0.01. Total file size is ~2.5GB, about 500MB per archive. Requires 7-Zip to open.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6