New stuff

I will be putting up some new stuff soon. For the maybe 3 of you following: I will be posting reviews of Mass Effect 2 and Assassin’s Creed II since I finished both over spring break, and I will also be posting my final work from my 3D animation class sometime soon. Keep your eyes […]

Mass Effect Review

“So what is this with you reviewing old games?”, I hear you cry (not really, I am just making that up). Well, I am a college student, so I do have time to play games, but I am also somewhat short on cash, so I cannot always get new games, so I get older ones […]

Graphics Tablets and Tablet PCs

As I mentioned in my post on Apple’s new iPad, I was hoping that it would be more like a tablet PC or slate computer rather than an oversized iPhone. I was disappointed that it didn’t come with a tablet pen, partly because it would have been super awesome to use the iPad as a […]

Fractal Programs

New fractal applications on the .NET 4 framework.

3D Animation

3D animation class is awesome, but time consuming. Autodesk Maya is buggy, but has some sweet features, and I may just become a 3D animator someday.

Psychonauts Review

A review of Double Fine’s 2005 production, Psychonauts.

Apple iPad – Revolutionary?

Wednesday, January 27, Apple announced its latest device: the iPad. Is it as revolutionary as they claim? Will it descend from the heavens to judge the worthy and the damned? Will it be another iPod and iPhone? Probably not.

New England Weather

Ok, so I am from Colorado where we get some weird-ass weather. It regularly snows in June in the mountains, and I have personally seen every type of precipitation in the same day. I have been in days where it has gone from 70 degrees and sunny to snowing in twenty minutes. So what the […]

The Internets!

Why are today’s youth so obsessed with technology and the Internet? I think that the culture in which we grew up formed us to be more spastic and random, and able to handle the internet better.

Web Standards

Why doesn’t Microsoft Internet Explorer, the so-called standards-based web browser support the latest web standards?